SHOOLIN Technology is a provider of onsite and offshore engineering services for various sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Heavy, Oil & Gas and special purpose tools. We have extensive knowledge and proven expertise with an innovative capabilities in providing engineering support services.

Mechanical Engineering services such as Product Design(CAD), Finite Element Analysis (CAE), Fatigue and Endurance life calculations, Engineering support, Simulation , Product development, Material Procurement and Manufacturing support for both coupon level components and assemblies.

With a blend of experienced and young engineers, SHOOLIN Technology team aspires to be the best engineering design providers within the respective industries.

SHOOLIN Technology provides end-to-end engineering design solutions and turnkey projects to companies across the globe. We work to create long term alliances with our customers and provide timely and cost effective services. From the first step of feasibility analysis to product qualification, the best methodologies and practices are used. We enable our clients to be more competent through synergy with their business goals and aims. We equally measure our success by our client’s success.

SHOOLIN Technology teams are fully trained to quickly adapt to each client’s culture and ecosystem. We also take care to develop an informed understanding of business requirements and engineering issues related to their product development. 




We’ve been serving the aerospace industry for many years through highly efficient and capable engineers. We’ve worked with some of the biggest aerospace players worldwide on a range of aircraft structural components and have expertise in the development of new products.



We’ve been serving the automotive industry for many years through highly efficient and capable engineers. Our design and simulation services includes from designing a small component to simulating the whole vehicle architecture.


SHOOLIN Technology can design, analysis and test a wide variety of engineer products. 

Knowledge, innovation and proven expertise in various sectors such as Rail, Oil and Gas, Heavy and Rotary Engineering.